What Is Your Favorite Healthy Food?

What is your favorite healthy food? I’m not talking about a food you enjoy. I’m not talking about healthy food that’s not too bad. I’m talking about a food you love. A food that calls you from the other room.

As I sat here typing, I finished eating my small bowl of frozen grapes. Now ten minutes have passed and I am so distracted by the loud screams of the grapes coming from the freezer that I have to get up and get some more.

Sounds familiar? When you just can’t get enough of your favorite food?

Ahh. Frozen grapes are so soothing – ever tried them?

I think they are better than a cookie or any other snack I can think of. They have become my emotional support snack.

Here’s my story..

It all started on vacation visiting friends at their house. We cooked at home and had wonderfully satisfying meals and conversations. At the end of meal time, Jeopardy came on and we all sat down to watch. My friend quietly slipped a bowl of frozen grapes on the table in front of me. I looked at them and took a grape. I thought to myself “Oh, that’s nice I think I’ll have another.

However, I didn't stop at two.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t stop until the bowl was empty. The same thing happened the next night and then the next night….

When I returned home, I didn’t realize things were different. I reached for dessert after dinner. I typically eat a few cookies. But this time the cookies didn’t taste the same. They weren’t what I wanted. Something was wrong. Something was missing. At first I couldn’t place it. I thought maybe I needed another cookie.

…But, It only made me more unsettled.

Then finally it hit me: It was the GRAPES!

The next day I went to the grocery store, got some grapes, came home and washed them and put them in the freezer. It’s been over a month since my vacation and I still have frozen grapes in the freezer. I make it a point to never run out.

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Have you ever had the experience of becoming nearly obsessed with a new or old food?

Here’s the weird thing – of course, I have eaten grapes before. I have even had frozen grapes. I can’t even tell you how many times I have watched grapes rot in the refrigerator because I just didn’t feel like eating them.

I just could help but wonder, why are they so irresistible now?

To be honest, I'm not sure. Maybe it's just a habit from my vacation, and I equate frozen grapes with pleasant times. Perhaps grapes have nutrients that I desperately need. I'll never know, but grapes are better than cookies.

Equating a new habit with an experience is actually how neuroplasticity works – ever heard of it? If not, head over to episode 3 on what neuroplasticity is about. Curious? Head over here.

So I’ll take this change as a step in the right direction. And I think I’ll go to the grocery store. I see I’m running low on grapes.

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