A Microsoft Windows upgrade broke Chrome’s ‘default web browser’ function

Facepalm: The current shot in the Chrome vs. Edge web browser war has actually seen Microsoft release a Windows upgrade that triggered a Chrome function to break. Not remarkably, the borked function was a button that enabled users to change their default web browser with a single click.

It appears that the April Windows upgrade KB5025221 had an unforeseen impact on Chrome internet browsers, composes Gizmodo And the effect was even worse for business users.

In July 2022, Google presented a brand-new button to Chrome (near the top of the screen) that enabled users to alter their default web browser with a basic click, removing the requirement to discover and browse the Windows settings menus. It was a popular addition for 8 months, up until the April Windows upgrade borked it.

While daily users who set up the upgrade discovered the Chrome button now just opens the Default App settings without altering anything, business users found a a lot more frustrating concern: whenever they opened Chrome, the Windows Default App settings page would likewise open immediately.

” After today’s cumulative upgrade for Windows 10 and 11, 2023-04, whenever I open Chrome the default app settings of Windows will open,” an IT administrator composed on the Microsoft assistance online forums.” I have actually attempted numerous methods to solve this without luck. This is occurring to all 600 systems with the upgrade.”

Someone discovered that the Windows settings page just opened along with Chrome if Google’s web browser was the default. “It does not occur if we alter the default web browser to Edge,” they stated.

Gizmodo found that customer variations of Windows might prevent the issue by altering the name of the Chrome app on a Windows desktop, recommending this wasn’t an unintended bug within the April upgrade. In action, Google has actually disabled Chrome’s one-click default button.

When inquired about the concern, Microsoft indicated its post about app pinning and app defaults in Windows.

Firefox, which likewise has a one-click default button, was not impacted by the upgrade. However Mozilla’s Chief Item Officer Steve Teixeira stated Microsoft isn’t averse to playing filthy.

” When utilizing Windows makers, Firefox users regularly experience these type of barriers, such as bypassing their choice of default web browser, or pop-ups and deceptive cautions trying to convince them that Edge is in some way much safer. It’s previous time for Microsoft to appreciate individuals’s choices and enable them to utilize whatever web browser they want without disrupting their option,” Teixeira stated.

This is far from the very first time Microsoft has actually utilized underhand methods to attempt and take user share from Chrome. Previously this year, non-stable variations of Edge momentarily showed full-sized banner advertisements on the Chrome site. They notified audiences that Edge works on the very same Chromium engine as Chrome however with the “additional trust of Microsoft.”

There was likewise Microsoft’s “How do you do, fellow kids?” minute when a popup notified individuals that Edge was “so 2008!”

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