The very best PSP emulators for Mac

OpenEmu best PSP emulators for Mac

Joe Hindy/ Android Authority

The PSP was a popular portable console from Sony. It’s run out production for several years at this moment, however numerous folks still wish to play the video games. That is, after all, why you’re here. There are a couple of good choices for PSP emulators, however the normally accepted suggestion is PPSSPP. Fortunately, it’s readily available for Mac. Still, to get your cash’s worth, here are some other fantastic PSP emulators for Mac.


For the many part, we suggest PPSSPP. It’s the most popular and actively established emulator. Even if you choose OpenEmu and RetroArch, both of those all-in-one emulators utilize PPSSPP cores for their PSP assistance. Essentially, no matter what, you’re utilizing PPSSPP.

Furthermore, every emulator on this list supports Apple’s M1 chips since this writing. In truth, we evaluated each emulator with an M1 Macbook Air.



OpenEmu PSP macOS

Joe Hindy/ Android Authority

OpenEmu is an all-in-one emulator established particularly for macOS that likewise consists of Sony PSP assistance.

What we like:

  • It played our PSP test video games without problem.
  • It is fairly simple to set up thanks to its native built-for-Mac mindset.
  • You can play other consoles with it also.
  • The emulator utilizes the PPSSPP core for its PSP assistance, making sure high compatibility and excellent efficiency.

What we do not like:

  • It does not support as numerous consoles as RetroArch.

OpenEmu is a completely functional PSP emulator for Mac. It’s an all-in-one emulator that supports lots of other consoles, and PSP is just among them. It does this by incorporating an existing PSP emulator, in this case, PPSSPP, so you get all of the advantages of PPSSPP. The compatibility rate is quite high, and the controls are basic to alter. It checked out the ROM ISOs we supplied without problem, and truthfully, it’s a quite drama-free experience for us. It’s likewise totally free to play, and we like that you can play other consoles also.


PPSSPP on Mac screenshot 2023

Joe Hindy/ Android Authority

The leading pet in PSP emulation on any platform is likewise readily available on macOS.

  • Rates: Free/ $2.49-$ 49.00
  • Platforms: macOS (and numerous others) ( Downloads)

What we like:

  • PPSSPP is the gold requirement in PSP emulation on every readily available platform.
  • It boasts high compatibility, outstanding efficiency, and it’s readily available on numerous platforms.
  • The premium variation, PPSSPP Gold, is optional. A minimum of, on macOS it is.
  • It played our test video games without problem.

PPSSPP is the very best PSP emulator on any platform, consisting of macOS. It booted without problem on our Macbook Air and played our test video games without drama. The menu system is quite simple to follow, and there are a number of setup choices that you can utilize. Your Mac might flag this when you initially install it, however simply press through and open it anyhow. It’s not malware. In any case, there isn’t much else to include here. This is as excellent as PSP emulators get on macOS.


RetroArch PPSSPP screenshot macOS

Joe Hindy/ Android Authority

An all-in-one emulator that utilizes PPSSPP for its PSP assistance.

What we like:

  • It can imitate more consoles than OpenEmu.
  • It utilizes PPSSPP for its emulation, so you get the very same compatibility and efficiency.
  • You can set up RetroArch on a toaster, most likely. It supports lots of platforms.
  • It consists of a lot of additionals, like game-based accomplishments, Netplay, and more.

What we do not like:

  • There is a relatively high knowing curve for novices.
  • The UI isn’t the most ergonomic.

RetroArch is perhaps the very best all-in-one emulator. It supports lots of video gaming consoles, and it deals with a lot of platforms. It utilizes “cores” to imitate video gaming consoles. You just download the cores for the consoles you desire, and you get a personalized all-in-one emulator. It utilizes a PPSSPP core for its PSP assistance, so it ought to play the very same video games at the very same efficiency level as the primary PPSSPP emulator. The only drawback to RetroArch is that it is much more difficult to find out in the beginning than the other 2 emulators on this list. Nevertheless, we believe it deserves the effort given that you can utilize this to imitate method more than PSP video games.

If we missed out on any PSP emulators for Mac, inform us about them in the remarks. You can likewise click on this link to take a look at our most current Android app and video game lists.

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