3 Unreleased Mac Designs Appear in Apple’s Discover My Setup File

3 brand-new Mac design identifiers were just recently contributed to a Discover My setup file on Apple’s backend, as found by Nicolás Álvarez ( through @aaronp613).

mac family early 2023
The brand-new identifiers are Mac14,8, Mac14,13, and Mac14,14, and they appear in a list along with Mac14,3 and Mac14,12, the identifiers for the current M2 and M2 Pro Mac mini designs. The list in Apple’s setup file associates with bypassing “separation tracking,” which recommends these might be desktop Mac designs that do not require to be actively tracked through Discover My for separation from the user as portable Macs do.

Precisely what these brand-new Mac designs are is uncertain, as Apple has actually just recently moved from utilizing more particular design identifiers like “MacBookAir10,1” to generic “Mac”- based ones that can use to any family member. The most impending desktop Mac upgrade we’re anticipating is the Mac Pro, although Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman thinks it will not be all set to go for WWDC in June

Gurman likewise thinks the Mac Studio will not see an upgrade up until high-end members of M3 chip household are all set, which appears not likely up until maybe early 2024. With the Mac mini having actually simply been upgraded in January, the just other evident possibility for a desktop Mac upgrade is the iMac, however that too isn’t anticipated to be upgraded up until M3 chips are offered in the latter part of this year at the soonest.

It is likewise uncertain simply the number of line of product these 3 brand-new design identifiers represent. As seen with the Mac mini and other current Macs, designs with several chip alternatives can have numerous identifiers, so it’s possible these brand-new identifiers might represent 3 versions of a single item, or something like 2 versions of one item and a single version of a 2nd item.

We’ll likely hear more about the capacity for Mac updates as we get closer to WWDC, however for now it appears the most likely Mac launch anticipated at the occasion is a brand-new 15-inch MacBook Air, not a desktop Mac.

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