How to set up Terraform to utilize Regional Suppliers from Nexus

If your company has actually obstructed and has actually rather downloaded the company binaries to Nexus, then you can do the following to still make your Terraform perform properly.

Action 1 – Download the Required Providers

In our example, we require the following suppliers:

  1. AWS
  2. Archive

These commands listed below are running straight from the pipeline that carries out the Terraform:

 # Download the suppliers from the Nexus repository
- curl -u $ {Nexus_REPO_USER}:$ {Nexus_REPO_PASS} -o terraform-provider-aws4.65.0
- curl -u $ {Nexus_REPO_USER}:$ {Nexus_REPO_PASS} -o terraform-provider-archive_2.3.0 _ linux_amd64. zip
# Make a regional directory site to keep these suppliers
- mkdir -p $HOUSE/. terraform.d/ plugins/registry. hashicorp/aws/.
- mkdir -p $HOUSE/. terraform.d/ plugins/registry. hashicorp/archive/.
# Move the downloaded zip files to these directory sites.
- mv terraform-provider-aws_4.65.0 _ linux_amd64. zip $HOUSE/. terraform.d/ plugins/registry. hashicorp/aws/.
- mv terraform-provider-archive_2.3.0 _ linux_amd64. zip $HOUSE/. terraform.d/ plugins/registry. hashicorp/archive/.
# Provide the consents (not constantly needed).
- chmod 777 -R $HOUSE/. terraform.d/ plugins/.

Action 2 – Run the Terraform code with a Plugin Directory Site

The following code continues the pipeline from above where we ended:

 # Include the "- plugin-dir" to utilize the very same place as above.
- terraform init -plugin-dir=$ HOUSE/. terraform.d/ plugins/ -backend-config= env/dev/backend. conf -reconfigure-force-copy.

Step 3 – Update the terraform block to the very same variations as above

Now we require to customize or include the following code into our Terraform code:

 terraform {

required_providers {
aws = {
archive = {

# Include other functions you require here ... e.g.
# backend "s3" {
# ...


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