future area food, and EV battery switching

The future of area food might be as basic– and strange– as a protein shake made with astronaut breath or a hamburger made from fungi.

For years, astronauts have actually relied mainly on pre-packaged food, or the periodic grown lettuce, throughout their ventures off our world. With objectives beyond Earth orbit in sight, a NASA-led competitors is wanting to alter all that and introduce a brand-new period of sustainable area food.

To fix the issue of feeding astronauts on long-duration objectives, NASA asked business to propose unique methods to establish sustainable foods for future objectives. Around 200 increased to the difficulty– developing healthy (and over-the-top) cooking developments while doing so. Check out the complete story

— Jonathan O’Callaghan

How 5-minute battery swaps might get more EVs on the roadway

Charging is the primary method individuals keep their EV batteries filled with juice while on the go. However some business have an option that might be even quicker than the fastest battery chargers today: battery switching.

However while supporters state battery switching might assist reinforce the case for EVs by making it quicker to renew a vehicle’s variety, some specialists are hesitant– seeing battery switching as a costly option that will at finest serve a narrow specific niche within the future of electrical transport. Check out the complete story

— Casey Crownhart

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