Reboot Mac From Command Line

Rebooting and closing down a computer system from another location is a regular job for remote system administrators. As somebody that composes lots of shell scripts, I likewise discover myself automating system reboots. Let’s take a look at a couple of methods to reboot Mac systems from command line!

Reboot a Regional Mac

To reboot a regional Mac system from command line, you can perform:

 sudo shutdown -r now

Reboot a Remote Mac

To reboot a remote Mac system, you can perform:

ssh -l {AdminSystemAddress}
sudo shutdown -r now.

Reboot at a Particular Time

You can define a reboot at a particular time:

# Format: sudo shutdown -r hhmm.
# Reboot at 11:30 pm regional time.
sudo shutdown -r 2330.

System restarts are excellent after enormous updates or simply for cleaning out system resources. These command line examples must assist reboot a Mac in your area or from another location.

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