“Beneath the Weight” is sponsored by SelfCare Health Initiatives, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Beneath the Weight was started in 2015 by psychologist Dr. Lynn Brayton, and Paul Waldman, to address overeating in response to stress, moods, and emotions. With the help of certified clinical nutritionist Danielle Paciera, Beneath the Weight created a new approach to weight management.

Dr. Brayton’s concept is that, “Weight gain begins in the mind . . .  and the mind is where weight loss and weight maintenance happens.” To end the cycle of losing and regaining weight, Brayton, Waldman, and Paciera created and developed workshops for a new approach to weight management, “Change Your Mind . . .  Change Your Weight.”

Beneath the Weight has blossomed into presenting its programs throughout the Southeast Louisiana parishes, usually in partnership with public libraries in those parishes.


  • Individualized. Weight-challenged individuals know what is best for themselves. Each individual can create the weight management plan that results in a new eating lifestyle through which one’s right weight is attained and maintained.

  • Address the Mind. Sessions of the Programs are self-focused activities held in small groups to help weight-challenged participants discover the reasons for their own overeating and to help each other end eating that is controlled by stress, moods, and emotions.

  • Different. There are no lectures, prescribed diets or exercises, products, or services.