How to Block a Series Of IP Addresses

As much as content developers desire traffic to their site, there is such thing as the incorrect kind of traffic. In some cases it’s content scrapers, often it’s harmful bots; in any case, it is very important to understand how to obstruct troublesome IPs from your website.

To obstruct a series of IP addresses utilizing an htaccess file, you can utilize the * wildcard for pieces of the IP address:

Order Enable, Reject.
Reject from 219.198. *. *.
Enable from all.

You can likewise utilize a routine expression:

RewriteEngine on.
RewriteCond % {REMOTE_ADDR} ^ 219.198.
RewriteRule ^ - [F]

Do not let recognized assailants and troublesome bots bring your site to a stop! Fast to inspect your website logs and restriction addresses that are triggering havoc!

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