The Dirty Little Trick You Required To Understand About Representative Retention

As entrepreneur, it is essential to do the mathematics and comprehend what triggers some representatives to leave your brokerage.

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This is the very first of a two-part series appearing in Broker Edge

In rather perhaps the most competitive brokerage environment we have actually ever seen, retention is a hot subject. And truly so. In truth, retention has actually long been a hot subject, particularly for brokerage owners, since we provide blood, sweat and tears to the representatives who join us, and these representatives so occur to be the main profits source for a realty brokerage.

Not to point out, lots of entrepreneur throughout lots of markets would inform you it’s much easier (and less expensive) to keep a present consumer than to discover a brand-new one. Fundamental basics of organization. You get it.

So what’s the filthy little trick? There is absolutely nothing you can do to keep everybody. There. I stated it.

Absolutely nothing you can do.

Now prior to you trash that remark and the rest of this material, or take too huge a sigh of relief as if you are “off the hook” from the retention duty, let’s rewind. I particularly stated there is absolutely nothing you can do to keep everybody You require to comprehend this prior to you take significant action to keep as lots of people as possible, which you definitely need to do.

Why is this the filthy little trick? The mathematics behind retention and attrition. The stunning aspect of mathematics is, you can’t argue with it.

To be clear, retention and attrition are not the exact same. Let’s take a minute to unload the distinctions and resemblances in between the 2.


Research Study from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) informs us that the typical property representative remains at a brokerage for 5 years. As independent professionals, representatives are complimentary to stroll about the market as they pick.

I have actually never ever seen an independent specialist arrangement that had “life time” composed into the terms, nor have I seen a representative indication one in blood. You can resist versus the average obviously (and you need to); nevertheless, with time and with the Law of Great Deals, you can not prevent it completely.

Let’s be truthful: when individuals leave, it injures. We might feel as if we have actually failed them, we might feel betrayed, we might feel an absence of commitment. These are genuine feelings. Comprehending you can’t keep every representative might assist you move through a few of these feelings in a healthy method.

My experience informs me that 99 percent of the time, individuals leave for factors far more individual to them than anything you can manage, so part methods on a high note. Examine your ego at the door, take the high roadway, discover what you can to enhance and want them well.

After all, you may still be complying with them from throughout the street, and you will marvel the number of choose to come back when they are treated with regard upon their exit. I have actually seen it occur more times than I can count.

You might own your brokerage, however you do not own your representatives– so do not imitate it.


Attrition is retention’s awful twin. They are comparable however not the exact same. In the property market, we run on commission-based sales, for that reason the rate at which individuals stop working or stop is immediately greater than other markets.

This can be for a variety of factors: Retirement, a modification in profession course, life modification, or they just didn’t discover the success or satisfaction they were searching for and eventually choose to surrender their license.

NAR statistics likewise inform us that a mind-numbing 87 percent of Realtors leave business within 5 years. That implies just 13 percent make it through longer. As an owner, keep this in mind when you’re beating your head versus a wall working to assist representatives be successful.

Do not stop doing that, simply comprehend that typically you will desire it for them more than they do. You have actually most likely heard the stating that you can lead a horse to water however you can’t make it consume. I have actually heard a much better one: Discover thirsty horses.

As leaders, we generally desire everybody to be successful and really think they can. That’s what makes us leaders. Nevertheless, as entrepreneur, we require to comprehend and prepare for the mathematics around the market we run in. That’s simply great organization savvy.

Prepared to combat back versus these averages? Great. Let’s get to work next week in part 2.

To learn how to combat back, take a look at sequel of this series, appearing in next week’s Broker Edge

Chase Williams is the co-founder of NW Wealthbuilders and development leader for the Keller Williams Northwest Area. Get in touch with him on Facebook or LinkedIn

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