– Why will not my Apple Mail forward rule forward a Proton Mail e-mail message?

On macOS 13.1 (Ventura) I have an Apple Mail guideline that is setup to Forward a gotten e-mail to a particular e-mail address. In addition to forward, it will set the color of the message.

I have actually checked the guideline, and the message color is set, validating the guideline is shooting, however it will not forward the e-mail. I have actually attempted to utilize Forward, Forward with Message, and Redirect. None of these choices will lead to the e-mail being sent out to the designated address. I likewise attempted various addresses, however still no luck.

I am utilizing Proton Mail in this case, however I attempted utilizing Gmail rather and it works fine. So, it seems connected to making use of Proton Mail, however I can’t be particular.

Has anybody had the ability to get an e-mail forwarding guideline to operate in Apple Mail and if so, anybody done so with Proton Mail?

For those who aren’t acquainted with Proton Mail, they do not support e-mail forwarding on their server and they need making use of a IMAP proxy app they call Proton Bridge, which secures and decrypts messages from an IMAP e-mail customer to the Proton Mail service.

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