Market Morsel: No drop in falling urea prices.

Market Morsel

It’s great to offer some excellent news. In current months we have actually been talking about the falling market for urea. April has actually not been an exception.

The huge motorist has actually been gas, which has actually fallen from the highs of 2022. Why is gas crucial? Gas is necessary to the rate of urea due to the fact that it is the primary basic material utilized in the production of ammonia, which is an essential part in urea fertilizer production. Gas is roughly 70% of the production expenses of urea.

The crucial numbers.

  • Throughout April, the rate of urea packed on a boat in the Middle East balanced A$ 441, below A$ 467 the previous month.
  • April 2022 prices is down A$ 739 from April 2023.
  • The replacement worth landed in Australia is roughly A$ 507 to A$ 530
  • The price of fertilizer has actually enhanced, with the ratio of fertilizer to canola/wheat returning to standard typical levels.

Whilst grain costs have actually fallen from their highs, the truth is that the expense of producing has actually dropped, supplying the falls in abroad markets are shown within Australia.

Charts listed below for your watching enjoyment.

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