Burglars took $100,000 in pennies off a truck in a Walmart parking area

A truck motorist got a load from the Philadelphia Mint the other day that were implied for shipment to Florida. Requiring a rest prior to the journey, the motorist parked his truck in Walmart lot and went house for some sleep. Sadly when he returned today, the trailer door was open and huge quantities of pennies were scattered throughout the parking area. Obviously, the trailer had actually been packed with $750,000 in pennies and the burglars handled to abscond with around one countless them, amounting to roughly $100,000. I hope if somebody asks the scoundrels if they can extra one, they respond to in the affirmative.

From ABC6:

” They were attempting to cross-load the pennies into other things. There are pennies all over the parking area,” stated Capt. Jack Ryan of Northeast Detectives.

It’s not understood if the burglar or burglars understood what was within. Northeast Investigators state it’s not uncommon for burglars to get into trailers simply to see what they can discover.

There are cams in the parking area and detectives are dealing with a suspect description.

Sources inform Action News that SWAT officers were contacted us to the scene to assist obstruct entryways.

( through Fark)

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