Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra evaluation: This scooter broke me

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra ridden by a man side on

Kris Carlon/ Android Authority

Often we get utilized to things “as they are” and type of forget that they might be much better. That old breakdown-prone cars and truck you have actually had for years. The very same uninteresting breakfast you make all the time. For me, it’s rental scooters, which I have actually been riding for several years. Because time, I have actually concerned accept particular not-so-great features of them as foregone conclusion. That was up until I got my hands on the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra. This scooter broke me.

In the couple of weeks I invested riding it, the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra altered what I believed I understood about electrical scooters Previously, I had no genuine concept what you might in fact anticipate from a half-decent electrical scooter for grownups. And now that I understand, I do not believe I can return to lousy leasings.

I got utilized to changing rental scooters due to the fact that a wheel was wonky, the brakes didn’t work, or the tire was flat. These, or any among a myriad of other fundamental issues, afflicted my experience. Scooters were, in my mind, inexpensive, lightweight, and undependable. In a matter of days, Xiaomi’s scooter changed my viewpoint on a whole item classification.

About this Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra evaluation: I evaluated the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra for 2 weeks. The system was offered by Xiaomi, however Xiaomi had no say in the released material.

Establishing the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra standing on grass

Kris Carlon/ Android Authority

The 25-kilogram box showed up; I rapidly unpacked it and recognized how simple it was to put together. It featured the guiding column folded, so all I needed to do was extend it, lock it in location, and connect the handlebars. This took all of 2 minutes.

Once the scooter was established, I linked it to the Mi House app (likewise offered for iOS) through Bluetooth. It is very important that the nation in the Mi House app is the very same as the nation you’re resident in. This implies the scooter will follow any regional laws restricting its leading speed. Where I reside in Europe, that’s 25 kilometers per hour or simply under 16 miles per hour.

Putting Together the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra took all of 2 minutes.

In case you’re believing you simply might bypass the above action and take pleasure in the optimum 35-kilometer-per-hour speed of the Electric Scooter 4 Ultra, not so quick. You require to trigger the Electric Scooter 4 Ultra in the Mi House app initially. Otherwise, it will be speed-limited to 10km/hr and will beep continuously. Possibly more significantly, you will not discover yourself getting a ticket, or even worse, your scooter took, for disregarding regional roadway security laws.

Very first flight impressions

When I struck the roadway, the very first thing that leapt out at me was simply how remarkable double suspension is on a scooter. This alone has actually altered the method I consider scooter convenience. To provide you an approximation of what it seems like, consider riding a bike with semi-flat tires. It’s that very same type of soft, bouncy feel, just this is how it’s suggested to be. This is Xiaomi’s very first dual-suspension scooter and it’s unbelievable.

This is Xiaomi’s very first dual-suspension scooter and it’s unbelievable.

My tire pressure was at the advised 45psi however the flight was so smooth it seemed like a dream. I had actually grown familiar with the unholy union of suspensionless leasings and the bone-jarring cobblestones of Europe. Even now, 2 weeks later on, I still can’t overcome how smooth a flight the Scooter 4 Ultra supplies. This is the very first time I have actually not studiously prevented any type of bump, swelling, or hole on a scooter. It’s likewise incredibly peaceful, doing not have the electrical whine I normally connect with adult scooters.

The 2nd thing I enjoyed about the Scooter 4 Ultra was the braking. I had actually gotten utilized to careless, spongy braking on leasings. The very first time I squeezed the brake on the Scooter 4 Ultra, when a pedestrian entered the bike lane no greater than 30 seconds into my virgin flight, I practically reviewed the handlebars it was so reliable. This thing stops on a penny. Luckily, there’s likewise a consisted of bell.

The Scooter 4 Ultra has E-ABS on the front wheel to assist prevent skidding when braking and a user-adjustable mechanical disc brake on the back. Right out of package, the brake is plenty delicate. If your weight is a little forward it is still possible to skid, by mishap or for enjoyable, when securing the rear brakes. With your weight over the back wheel, nevertheless, it will go from 25 kilometers an hour to a dead stop in a heart beat.

Putting the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra to the test

After a fast spin around my area, I unwillingly returned to my desk. I topped up the battery over night and prepared a huge flight for the next day to evaluate the scooter’s variety. If it states 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) on package, I figured, then I might most likely rely on 40-45 kilometers of reliable variety. The very best method to evaluate that in my mind was to blindly choose a location 20+ kilometers away and take my opportunities.

The next day, I got ready, gotten on, and removed to a lake 21 kilometers far from my home. It was cold, simply 2 ° C( 35 ° F )so I figured the battery may refrain from doing in addition to if it were a little warmer. What I didn’t anticipate was that it would be my feet that would catch the cold long prior to the battery did.

The S+ drive mode reaches the scooter’s optimum speed in simply 4 seconds.

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra has 4 drive modes. Pedestrian mode is restricted to 6 kilometers an hour, ideal for when you’re scootering along with somebody walking or you’re making your method through crowds. D, which I presume methods Drive, is a 20km/hr mode I do not ever see myself utilizing considering I just ever ride at complete speed. Then there are the Sports and Sports Plus modes (or S and S+). Both peak at 25km/hr with S+ supplying faster velocity, striking leading speed in simply 4 seconds.

I picked Sports mode for my trek, figuring the quick velocity of S+ wasn’t essential and would most likely consume into my optimum variety. The small print on Xiaomi’s declared 70-kilometer variety specifies a 75-kilo rider on flat ground at a continuous speed of 15 kilometers per hour. I’m a 78-kilo rider on bumpy-but-flat ground doing 25km/hr the whole time unless I’m stopping or speeding up. The Scooter 4 Ultra can manage loads up to 120 kgs.

What it resembles to ride the Electric Scooter 4 Ultra

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra ridden by a man front on

Kris Carlon/ Android Authority

My layover began with roadside bike lanes and pedestrian walkways with a little stop-start traffic. When I left the city and struck some correct cycle courses I invested the remainder of the time at leading speed. I missed out on the existence of cruise control on the Scooter 4 Ultra which is not allowed the EU. Usually, after a 30-minute scooter flight, my hands have actually been shaken numb and I can’t wait to leave. This time I was happily delighting in the flight, not even observing the surface areas I was riding over.

A couple of kilometers from my location, I examined the app. It stated I had 57% battery staying and 40 kilometers vary staying. Considering I had actually ridden 18 kilometers by this point, I figured I ‘d be okay. I just had 3 kilometers to go and after that the entire method back. I felt so positive I chose to take an off-road path to the water’s edge. I ‘d never ever even imagine doing this on a leasing.

I continued at leading speed, weaving around rocks and tree roots, letting the suspension do its thing. The broad, puncture-resistant 10-inch DuraGel tires did excellent on many surface areas– asphalt, dirt, debris– however they do get a little squirrely on slick mud. The very best part is they are self-healing, so I felt protected must I come across a rowdy piece of glass. As long as any pointy things are smaller sized than 3.5 mm in size the gel tires must close up as soon as they are gotten rid of.

I sprinkled through puddles, positive in the Scooter 4 Ultra’s IP55 score.

I sprinkled through puddles and over little dives, positive in the Scooter 4 Ultra’s IP55 score and no-slip grip manages. I was an hour into my flight now and my feet and hands were beginning to feel the cold. The water I had actually been sprinkling through advised me that it was still winter season. I made it to my location, examined the app, and recognized my off-road frivolity may have been a bad concept. The battery was down to 48% and I was just midway through my flight.

Asphalt bike lanes appeared like the much better option for the flight house to increase my opportunities of not needing to stroll. As I neared my 2nd hour I began reassessing the options that got me there. A two-hour big salami in freezing temperature levels all of a sudden appeared like an undoubtedly bad concept. My hands and feet were frozen, and despite the fact that the flight was smooth I was getting ill of standing. And after that my leading speed began to decrease.

How excellent is the battery life and variety?

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra top down view of deck

Kris Carlon/ Android Authority

I was maybe a kilometer and a half from house when I observed it. Initially, my velocity at traffic signal wasn’t rather so stylish, taking longer to strike leading speed than in the past. Then my optimum speed slowly dropped from 25km/hr to 23, then 22, then 20.

As the last couple of blocks rolled by I got slower and slower, hopping the last couple of hundred meters at simply 12km/hr. However I made it. The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra handled a two-hour, 42-kilometer round-trip and didn’t make me stroll in spite of getting back with no battery. For routine commuters, I’m positive in stating it has a trusted 40-kilometer (25-mile) reliable variety.

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra handled a two-hour, 42-kilometer round-trip.

My only genuine gripe with the Scooter 4 Ultra is that the variety estimations in the app are off. They’re based upon the perfect circumstance discussed above, with a 75-kilo rider on flat ground at a continuous 15kms/hr. They’re not agent of what you’ll get as a typical rider. Understanding I can dependably strike 40 kilometers on a complete battery implies it’s an easy little bit of mathematics to determine the staying variety myself. It would be much better if the app’s positive estimations were more a sign of real-world use.

For routine errands and travelling, nevertheless, I never ever discovered myself requiring to inspect the battery levels in the app. I felt in one’s bones I might run about all the time on a single charge utilizing the battery sign on the handlebar screen as a rough guide. That screen might be a bit better for outside legibility in strong sunshine, however it suffices. Thinking about just how much enjoyable this is to ride, I can see myself riding it a lot more when it’s warmer.

What else do I require to learn about the Scooter 4 Ultra?

XIaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra headlight beam

Kris Carlon/ Android Authority

Ever Since I have actually taken it out on a couple of much shorter trips around town, finding more brand-new things as I go. The taillight flashes while braking to assist you stick out in the dark. In the app, you can set the rear light to continuous lighting for increased presence. The front headlight is switched on and off rapidly by pushing the power button on the stem. It provides a much better cone of light than my bike light and is intense without being blinding.

A complete charge from no to 100% just took me 6 hours with the 124W battery charger.

In the app, you can pick from 3 various levels of regenerative braking. Depending upon your riding design, this might include a couple of extra kilometers to your variety and even conserve you from braking as much by hand. Regenerative braking, which likewise recuperates power when utilizing the hand brake, implies more riding in between battery charges.

A complete charge from no to 100% just took me 6 hours with the 124W battery charger. This is a half-hour faster than Xiaomi’s specified recharge time. The little rubber gasket covering the charging port guarantees it remains clear of mud and dirt.

Any disadvantages?

One disadvantage I discovered after utilizing the Scooter 4 Ultra for running errands is that there’s no natural location to run a chain through the frame. You can lock the scooter in the app, which secures the wheels, disables the power button, and makes the scooter beep if anybody moves it. However there’s no metal loop anywhere to make chaining it up possible.

I simply want there was a safe location to run a chain through the frame.

There’s likewise no integrated GPS, so if anybody did take it, once it runs out Bluetooth vary you ‘d have no concept where it is. You could, naturally, conceal a Bluetooth tracker someplace on it, which is what I did. A locked scooter just shows a Bluetooth icon and a lock icon. Otherwise, it shows your speed, drive mode, cautioning lights, battery level, and headlight sign.

With its folding stem and clip over the rear mudguard, it is possible to bring the Scooter 4 Ultra. At 25 kgs however, it’s a bit much heavier than I ‘d desire a scooter to be to carry it around. It is light enough that you can quickly bring it up or down the stairs or toss it in the back of the cars and truck. On the benefit, I actually like the brand-new multi-stage locking system which feels strong and trustworthy.

Leaving rental scooters in the dust

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra sitting on tarmac

Kris Carlon/ Android Authority

After a week, my preferred feature of riding the Electric Scooter 4 Ultra around town was removing at traffic signal in S+ mode. While all scooters here have the very same speed limitation, having the ability to jump ahead of the remainder of the pack to presume my rightful location in lead was excellent. It’s a little and potentially ridiculous thing to value, however it in some way feels … right.

The entire experience taken shape when at one point while the scooter was charging, I required to take a leasing on an errand. It was horrible. Besides the apparent distinctions in suspension and variety, the rental all of a sudden felt exceptionally little. The Electric Scooter 4 Ultra has a much greater deck for the double suspension to do its thing. However the handlebars are likewise taller and larger, producing a much more comfy flight than the relatively confined rental scooter.

The Scooter 4 Ultra has a 500W motor with 940W peak output. That’s a 35-40% boost over its predecessor.

Throughout all the above I have not even discussed power. The Scooter 4 Ultra has a 500W motor with 940W peak output. That’s a 35-40% boost over its predecessor, the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro. It can climb up hills of as much as 25% gradient and has a bigger 561.5 Wh battery. Both represent more than a 25% boost over the Scooter 4 Pro.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra evaluation: The decision

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra standing in a puddle

Kris Carlon/ Android Authority

aa2020 editors choice

It took less than a week for the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra to break me. Today I have actually attempted it I can’t return to rental scooters. It provides a smoother flight, much better tires, more power, quicker braking, longer variety, more comfy measurements, stronger construct quality, exceptional hill climbing, and much better functions.

Regardless of riding it over far rougher surface than I would a rental, I never ever heard a rattle or a squeak. And I never ever had numb hands after travelling over cobblestone streets, patchwork asphalt, and cable car tracks– simply from the cold. Its remarkable variety took this scooter from a last-mile movement service for me to an every-mile service.

Its remarkable variety and convenience make the Electric Scooter 4 Ultra an every-mile movement service.

The long-range convenience element actually played into for how long I rode it, where I felt comfy taking it, and how typically I wished to utilize it. I entirely stopped riding my bike which I generally secure daily. The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra is so satisfying to ride it makes you wish to ride it more. That’s a big win for an item type I formerly considered just as a cumbersome benefit.

Cost and options

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra handlebar detail

Kris Carlon/ Android Authority

At EUR999, the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra isn’t even incredibly pricey for a 500W/940W scooter with this type of variety. I had a look at my rental scooter apps and I have actually invested about that on leasings in the last 2 years. I’m not returning, and nor will you if you make the switch. Now, if just I might determine how to include a foot warmer to this scooter I ‘d be set.

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra formally introduces in April 2023 through Xiaomi’s site and Amazon in Europe– it is just offered in black. If you remain in the United States, Xiaomi scooters are not formally offered in the nation although you can purchase scooters made by the business that makes Xiaomi scooters: Segway Ninebot. The ever-popular Segway Ninebot Max is offered through Amazon for $649 with a less effective 350W motor however 65-kilometer (40-mile) variety, and 30-kilometer (18-mile) max speed. If I have actually offered you on the advantages of double suspension, the Fluid Horizon deserves taking a look at for $829 (below $979) with a 500W motor, double suspension, 48-kilometer (30-mile) variety, and 37-kilometer (23-mile) per hour leading speed. If front-only suspension sounds adequate, have a look at the Apollo Air which typically retails for $999 however is presently on sale for $799. It provides a max speed of 35km/hr (21 miles/hr), 50-kilometer (31-mile) variety, and a 500W motor. For more excellent suggestions have a look at our finest electrical scooters list.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 UltraXiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra

Excellent variety • Smooth drive • Tough construct

Xiaomi’s very first dual-suspension scooter

Excellent variety and convenience make the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra an every-mile movement service.

Leading concerns and responses about the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra

That’s simple: the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra. It has the very best variety, most effective motor, and double suspension for the most comfy riding experience.

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra is ranked for 25km/hr in the EU. This is just to follow regional laws nevertheless, it can in fact reach speeds of 35-40km/ hr.

The 561.5 Wh battery on the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra is promoted as having a 70-kilometer variety or 43.5 miles. This is under really particular conditions (75kg rider, flat surface area, continuous 15km/hr speed). For a typical rider (80kgs, unequal ground, stop-start use at max speed), it can dependably reach 40kms or 25 miles.

If you frequently lease electrical scooters, then yes, purchasing one deserves it. Remember that many scooters just last for about 3 years and all the upkeep will be on you.

No. Xiaomi scooters are produced by Segway Ninebot which offers scooters under its own brand in the U.S. It is still possible to import a Xiaomi scooter to the U.S. if you actually desire one.

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