Survey: Do you choose flat or curved screens on mobile phones?

Aside from collapsible phones and the ultimate rollables, mobile phone OEMs usually have an option in between curved screens or flat screens. Typically, everything boils down to looks, although fans of either display screen type will likely argue over functionality. Regrettably, OEMs do not frequently offer customers an option, so if you desire a specific phone design, you’re practically stuck to whatever display screen type the OEM selected.

The approaching Pixel 8 Pro is reported to change things up and might likely sport a flat display screen. With that in mind, we would like to know which show you choose on a smart device.

Samsung basically promoted the curved mobile phone display screen with phones like the Galaxy Note Edge and later on designs. Ultimately, numerous other OEMs started embracing the curved display screen on much of the finest Android phones, and it’s usually conserved for the top-end designs like the Galaxy S23 Ultra, nearly as if the curves themselves communicate “premium.”

This is something Google obviously heeded with its current Pixel launches. With the Pixel 6 Pro and the Pixel 7 Pro, the business outfitter both designs with a curved display screen, while the non-Pro designs got flat screens. Basically, if you choose flat panels, the Pro design may look less attractive in spite of having the much better specifications, or additionally, you may desire the more inexpensive Pixel, however you ‘d be stuck wanting it featured a curved panel.

With the Pixel 8 series, it appears Google is choosing one display screen type. With the current dripped renders of the gadgets, it appears both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will make use of flat screens, much to the frustration of those who choose the curved visual. It’s uncertain why this modification is being made, and possibly Google will discuss when the phones launch later on this year, however it appears like curved display screen fans are taking an L in this year, especially with Samsung’s ever-flattening Ultra screens.

Let us understand in the survey remarks or on social networks why you choose one over the other.

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