Microsoft India Interview Experience for Summertime internship

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Microsoft visited my school in July 2022. The total procedure took place online for me.

Online Evaluation:

After the test, the shortlisted trainees were set up for interviews. There were 2 interviews, one Tech, and one Tech + HR.

Preliminary: I was asked one concern which was to discover the longest increasing series (adjoining) in a grid, which I resolved with a DP + DFS method, The job interviewer twisted some restraints in the concern and asked concerns around it and likewise asked concerns on intricacies of the options and what would take place if the restraints were scaled up, and likewise asked me to dry run some cases.

2nd round: Though it is a Tech. + HR round, I was just asked one coding concern, perhaps due to an absence of time. In this round, he asked me to utilize any editor of my option and to share the screen. The concern was a variation of Leading k numbers in a stream I was asked to do this concern with words rather of numbers. After I coded the method, he twisted the concern a bit, however it was workable to respond to. Once again, this round likewise had actually a concern based upon scaling up the restraints of the issue. So the business asks concerns based upon the restraints, and to respond to these concerns, one need to understand the subtleties of the technique they are utilizing to resolve the issue.

The conclusion of the 2nd round concluded the procedure, and the outcomes were revealed the next day.

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