5 Million Barrels of Russian Oil Stuck En Path to India

Almost 5 million barrels of Sokol grade petroleum from Russia is suffering en path to Indian refiners, captured in a sanctions trap for a month, Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday.

According to Bloomberg, mentioning tanker tracker information, one tanker, the NS Century, stays stuck near Sri Lanka due to U.S. Treasury Department sanctions on the vessel. Now, 2 other tankers, both owned by Sovocomflot, are stuck in the very same location. All 3 tankers are bring Russian Sokol grade crude.

Bloomberg recommends that the tankers are stuck due to the G7 rate cap troubled Russian crude, though this has actually not been individually verified.

In November, Reuters reported that India’s leading refiner, Indian Oil Corp., had actually acquired a freight ol Sokol for November shipment. At that time, Reuters stated it signified that output from Russia’s Sakhalin-1 job was possibly recuperating in the wake of Exxon Mobil’s exit.

The rate cap set by the G7 and the EU states that Russian crude deliveries to 3rd nations can utilize Western insurance coverage and funding if freights are cost or listed below the $60-a-barrel ceiling. The procedure worked at the end of 2022 when the EU enforced an embargo on imports of Russian petroleum.

In mid-November, the European Union stated it was thinking about tighter sanctions on Russian oil due to the truth that essentially none of the approved crude was trading listed below the rate cap ceiling.

Throughout the course of 2023, Russia has actually substantially increased petroleum exports to both India and China.

According to pipeline monopoly Transneft, Russian volumes of crude to China reached 2 million barrels daily this year. Russia states it has actually exported 100 million lots of its crude to China this year and 70 million heaps to India.

By Charles Kennedy for Oilprice.com

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