Century 21 CEO Mike Miedler On His ‘Unrelenting’ Pursuit Of New York City In 2024 

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Mike Miedler is unrelenting.

Mike Miedler

The Century 21 president and CEO’s schedule is packed from dawn till sunset, as he handles conferences with executives, group leaders and broker-owners from around the world. When he signed into his call with Inman at 9 a.m., Miedler was wide-eyed and energetic– stopping to make a short remark about being a die-hard Taylor Swift fan– before delving into his 2024 method for the C21 brand name, which depends upon leveraging expert system, bullish merger and acquisition relocations, and a concentrate on New york city City.

” It’s been a weird and fascinating market,” he stated. “We went from 2021 with the most homes that we have actually offered in a years– over 6 million– to the list below year where we had the least quantity of homes that we offered in a years. This year, we’re on speed to offer even less. There’s a great deal of work we require to do as a nation and as a property market to enhance cost and get more stock out there.”

” The huge thing we’re concentrating on is the expansion of great, strong representatives who deal with customers like the most essential thing. They’ll continue to take their reasonable share of the marketplace,” he included. “That comes through them doing the fundamentals of this company each and every single day: Doing revenue-producing activities, utilizing their innovation, touching base with their sphere of impact, informing customers about where the marketplace is, and what their dollars will purchase them and assisting them through the procedure.”

Miedler spoke with Intel previously this month about his 25th anniversary with the brokerage, utilizing AI to hire representatives, acquiring market share in New york city City, and his strategy to grow marketshare in 2024.

You began your realty profession with Century 21 25 years back as the vice president of franchise sales. How has the realty market progressed over that time?

As much has altered throughout my 25-plus years, a lot has remained the very same, best? When you take a look at the actual realty deal itself, the quantity of details that the consumer has access to– the market understanding and the information that’s easily offered– has actually definitely altered.

And for us as realty specialists, the deal has actually gotten easier in time. I reflect to when I initially began, with the facsimile machine, the BlackBerry and those kinds of innovations. We have actually undoubtedly jumped forward, however whether you like it or not, this company is everything about being in person, talking with individuals, and making as lots of connections and conversations as possible.

The folks who have actually had durability and success over several years and years, even, they’re everything about looking after that consumer They’re the ones who are making that repeat and recommendation company. So a lot has actually altered in the manner in which we approach [the transaction], however I believe it constantly keeps falling back to truly providing [buyers and sellers] the very best experience– you do the job and can play to the psychological part, which is the most significant part of the realty deal in a great deal of methods.

Let’s talk more about innovation. The pandemic sped up realty’s journey into the digital age, and this year’s innovation fascination, obviously, has actually been OpenAI’s ChatGPT. What are your ideas about expert system and how it can assist (or impede) the deal experience for customers and representatives?

Where AI truly ends up being fascinating is when we think of information and information personal privacy. It’s practically a bit of a double-edged sword.

I think that AI items that are out there will definitely assist us be more identified, more precise and more effective. In our company, we are utilizing AI to determine and possibility particular employees that our company believe at some time will have higher success in the market based upon the worth proposal that we have as the Century 21 brand name.

Information and details will likewise assist our realty specialists discover customers who are most likely to negotiate in time, so I do believe it points us to locations where we ought to be putting more of our energy and time into attempting to develop our books of company.

However it is a bit frightening when you think of it in the quantity of information and details that remains in there, and we have actually got to take care to make certain we’re handling it properly It’s going to be fascinating to view as it develops and what takes place to the market. However, I understand definitely markets are currently interfered with by it.

Let’s talk more about recruiting. The present market has actually pressed a great deal of brokerage leaders to tweak their recruiting and retention method, and from my understanding, Century 21 has actually had a fair bit of success this year with broadening the brand name in New york city City and a couple of other crucial locations on the East Coast. How did this method happened?

We, undoubtedly, throughout COVID have actually seen a terrific reshuffling around the nation. A great deal of it was driven by individuals transitioning to remote work, and they were relocating to locations that either had much better weather condition, were much better from a tax viewpoint, less expensive to raise households, or locations they constantly wished to go to and or remain in.

As life has actually returned a bit to regular, I have actually seen a bit of a swing of a pendulum and folks returning to a few of the cities that they moved far from. The huge cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco– locations where you have a big density of population. We’re seeing folks truly wish to remain in those locations once again and absorb the culture, the variety and the task activity and chance.

So, we have actually been really deliberate about New york city City and a few of the other significant markets that we have actually moved into. We’ll continue to see folks truly brought in to locations that are worldwide centers and where the tasks are as sectors return into the workplace and invest more time working together with one another.

What’s the procedure of identifying if a possible affiliate is an excellent match? I ‘d envision that you have a great deal of brokers who wish to link themselves to such a recognized brand name.

In New York City City, every number of blocks is a various market. The city is exceptionally varied, and variety is undoubtedly in the DNA of Century 21. Right? We remain in 84 various nations with 140,000 sales specialists worldwide. New York City City is the worldwide head office of the United States from a monetary viewpoint, an arts viewpoint, a culture viewpoint, a style viewpoint, and so on

The National Association of Realtors ran a report about the boost in property realty costs from worldwide purchasers, which went away a bit throughout COVID. That costs is returning, and having an existence in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and all of these districts is very essential.

We have a terrific young, varied business that runs in Manhattan and the Bronx. We have actually gone to Brooklyn, we have actually remained in Queens and I believe there’s still space for us to grow in every one of those markets. If you stroll down particular boulevards in in Queens or Brooklyn, the variety of individuals and the variety of the market, you might see a listing for $678,000 and move a couple more obstructs away and you’re discussing $1.2 million to $1.5 million.

That’s why it is very essential for us to make certain that we are aligning ourselves with business owners, broker-owners and representatives who have the very same culture and belief in our brand name guarantee. We rebranded ourselves 5 years back and together with that rebranding came a brand-new objective declaration for our company– we’re unrelenting.

When we’re out there consulting with individuals, we speak about a chance to grow and a chance to assist bring them options to serve their customers much better. They truly need to match with our culture. We have actually had 80-plus brand-new business enter the Century 21 system in the previous 18 months, and there’s not one brand-new business that I have not talked to to make certain that they lined up with what we’re attempting to achieve. They have actually got to have that very same sort of state of mind around serving the customer and making it a remarkable experience when they provide that imagine homeownership.

I have actually discussed New york city City, and they have actually frequently been on the opposite of the pendulum. When markets were experiencing a pandemic boom, New York City remained in the middle of a decline. And when those pandemic hotspots began to decrease, New York City was on the growth. Beyond that duration in time, I understand New York City is a monster of its own. How are you ensuring your brand-new affiliates succeed?

No matter what market I go to, everyone states, “Our market is a bit various.” And truthfully, the marketplaces aren’t that various. I believe the core of what it requires effective in realty is definitely real. Nevertheless, that stated, New york city City is simply various. It’s various for numerous factors. There’s the variety of individuals, the variety of the financial market, the relationship of tenants and purchasers, the residential or commercial property types and the communities. I imply, some communities have actually been there for centuries.

Among the important things that we attempt to assist our representatives acknowledge is the core of business, which surrounds having a favorable state of mind, ensuring you’re prospecting and ensuring you’re utilizing your sphere of impact. We’re likewise training them to supply fantastic experiences and fantastic customer care by supplying the very best tools, the very best systems, the very best marketing, and the very best intelligence so that those representatives can definitely serve their consumers in the very best method possible.

We’re investing a great deal of our time, energy and effort on that, as I discussed previously in our discussion about AI. They get customer feedback after closing a deal through our quality service program, and we motivate them to much better themselves utilizing that feedback. That’s where our company believe the rubber strikes the roadway. That’s where our company believe that you have the durability of realty specialists.

As you look towards 2024, what’s on your mind? The market is altering and there’s stress and anxiety about what’s following. How do you see C21 having the ability to break through the sound and lead?

Fantastic concern. So I believe most importantly, we have actually currently increase our method for 2024. We’re entering budgeting season and attempting to determine precisely where we have actually got to put in time, cash and energy to grow. Whether you’re a representative, whether you’re a broker, whether you’re a leader of a huge company, you ought to undoubtedly tackle anything with a development state of mind.

For us, it’s everything about extending the Century 21 system, both through generating brand-new business, and mergers and acquisitions for a few of our much better, reputable, all set, ready and able business. We have actually seen combination in the market, and we see that trajectory continuing to relocate the upward instructions.

We have a strong worth proposal. We have a brand-new focus on our existence in the digital and social area, which has actually been truly cool. And I believe it’s going to continue to develop momentum for us through completion of the year along with a few of the huge statements that we’re going to make at our conference in March. We continue to raise the items that we give our representative base so that they end up being more efficient, and the Moxi[Works] platform has actually made a huge distinction in representative production. [Anywhere] did a handle RealScout, which I believe will bring another advantage to the company.

We likewise invest a lot in our training and education platforms and take [affiliates] on a course of constant knowing throughout the year in order for them to raise their video game. So we’re simply concentrated on development, whether it’s for our system, for our business owner broker-owners, or for our representatives. Our company believe when we concentrate on development advantages will take place to the whole C21 system.

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