Western Digital Reveals Xbox Series X|S Growth Cards

Since Microsoft presented its Xbox Series X/S video game consoles in late 2020, Seagate has actually been specifically offering storage growth cards for these systems. However to the shame of players all over, these single-supplier drives have actually kept their high costs even as the cost of NAND and industry-standard SSDs has actually plunged in the in 2015. However this may lastly be altering, as Western Digital on Tuesday presented its very first WD_Black-branded storage growth cards for Microsoft’s most current Xbox consoles.

Western Digital’s WD_Black C50 lineup of growth cards for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S consoles consists of 500 GB and 1 TB designs. The WD_Black C50 growth cards are created to use comparable efficiency and functions (e.g., Quick Resume) as integrated Xbox Series X|S internal storage so to supply smooth experience no matter where the video games are set up physically: on the internal SSD or on a growth card.

Western Digital’s WD_Black C50 500 GB is priced at $ 80, whereas the 1 TB variation expenses $ 150 By contrast, Seagate presently has 512 GB ($ 110), 1 TB ($ 150), and 2 TB ($ 280) choices. It is notable that Seagate is now using its growth drives with a 30% discount rate in the U.S., probably in response to Western Digital’s offerings.

The storage growth systems for Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series X|S video gaming systems are exclusive and just created to be utilized with these consoles. Technically, these storage systems look like the CFexpress 1.0 Type-B style, yet they run with a PCIe 4.0 x2 user interface, whereas the CFexpress 1.0 Type-B spec requireds use of a PCIe 3.0 x2 user interface.

Microsoft is believed to charge a licensing charge from makers of Xbox Series X|S storage growth cards, and obviously Seagate was the only business to consented to the software application giant’s terms, which is why it was the unique provider of such storage systems for over 2 years.

It is notable that it is possible to DO IT YOURSELF a storage growth card for the current Xbox consoles by utilizing a CFexpress-to-M.2 -2230 adapter, initially established to increase storage capability in electronic cameras utilizing an M.2-2230 SSD. Presently, these adapters can be bought from Amazon for $ 30 Nevertheless, just a number of hard-to-find 2230 drives are in fact suitable with this approach, leaving the main growth cards as the only foolproof and trustworthy method to include storage to Microsoft’s consoles.

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