ADU 01162: Marketing Drone Solutions to The Oil and Gas Market

Today’s program has to do with utilizing drones in the oil and gas market.

Our caller for today, Jason from Texas wants to utilize his experience in the oil and gas market. He is questioning the very best method to market his drone services to market stakeholders. In today’s program, we go over policies, security issues, and marketing strategies. Thanks for the fantastic concern, Jason. Fly Safe!

Drone Laws for the Oil and Gas Market–

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  • [01:08] Discover the abilities needed to develop a successful drone service– Register for a Drone U Subscription today!
  • [02:02] Today’s concern has to do with utilizing drones in the oil and gas market
  • [04:13] What are the assessment standards for utilizing drones in the oil and gas market?
  • [05:28] Which is the very best sales strategy for Jason?
  • [07:27] Talking security– why oil and gas examinations can be a challenging proposal
  • [07:43] Highlighting expense savings to market your drone services
  • [10:30] What you require to understand prior to carrying out electrical examinations with drones

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