India slashes base import cost of palm oil, gold

India slashed the base import costs of unrefined palm oil, soya oil, gold, and silver as costs on the world market remedied, the federal government stated in a declaration late on Wednesday. The federal government modifies the base import costs of edible oils, gold, and silver every fortnight, and the costs are utilized to compute the quantity of tax an importer requires to pay.

India is the world’s most significant importer of edible oils and silver and the second-biggest customer of gold.

Product Brand-new cost in $ Old cost in $
Unrefined palm oil 898 988
RBD palm oil 984 1,020
RBD palmolein 997 1,033
Unrefined soya oil 976 983
Gold 629 650
Silver 754 773

Base costs for all products remain in $ per tonne, other than for gold and silver. The gold tariff remains in $ per 10 grams and silver in $ per kg.


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